Culinary Coaching

Denver Cooking Classes

Cooking brings people together. Available in our Denver kitchens or yours, for up to four people, Canteen Catering works with groups on anything from team building to family cooking classes. Canteen Catering works to set up a menu that you and your group create!

  • Team-building: sales teams, athletic teams, any group working together to realize results. Why not fill your stomachs at the same time? Canteen Catering works with you on setting a challenging menu for your team to create!
  • Couples and families: Enjoy new flavors and learn new skills over individualized cooking classes that help bring ‘home’ back into home economics.
  • Girlfriends: Want a ring on it? Get some BBQ brisket in him!
  • Boyfriends: See above.

As in catering, Culinary Coaching pricing depends on how many you are and how much food you need. Call 303-521-6343 or e-mail us for a customized quote.